Abundant Goodness

When I saw the headline, “Abundant Goodness,” on that box, I thought, ” Really?” I wondered if there is anything, in this life, and on this earth; that we can truly label as “Abundant Goodness?” I could see the word “Goodness” being utilized, but seeing “Abundant” in front of it gave me pause; especially in the context that it was being used.

It is an extremely slick campaign; meaning that it is an ingenious, cleverly devised, and a deftly executed bit of wordplay, having surface appeal or sophistication, but is really shallow or glib in content; polished but superficial.

It reminded me of a recent encounter I had with three blind mice who are part of an organization that claims to provide a wonderful service to both its external and internal customers, when in reality, they bite the hands that feed them.

The big rat intimidator of this threesome was always professing himself to be the concerned protector of all, but it was that same rat that leveled 2 threats towards me concerning the very permits he had been claiming he was protecting; simply because I dared to raise questions about their procedures. In doing so, this duplicitous threesome blindsided me, and placed me under duress while forcing me into a John Hancock moment.

It doesn’t matter, because the association with them is severed and ultimately, under duress means they have invalidated the entire process and document. I’m struck by the fact that apparently, they felt I was such a threat to all the mess they obviously have a need to hide. But, what’s done in the dark is ALWAYS revealed in the light.

Someone will come along that can break through their carefully crafted wordplay, much of which, wasn’t legal anyways. Rats are usually sniffed out eventually. Their droppings aren’t that hard to miss. When that happens, that will be perhaps a true sign; an example of “Abundant Goodness” in play.

However, the place wherein I saw this thought provoking bit of language about “Abundant Goodness,” was, of all places; on a cereal box. Let me tell you a few of the other choice tidbits of language that was used to describe this cereal. First of all, this “Abundant Goodness” is alleged to be contained in every bite. Every…bite.

The Kellogs company claims that this “crafted mix…gives you not only 22g of whole grain, but is an excellent source of fiber, and a blend of unique flavors and nutrition that will “NOURISH” you.

IMG_1167-e1465928279552-223x300Now, when you look at the packaging, it certainly looks like this is a healthier choice. They’ve included almonds, cranberries, dried apples and coconut, and even claim to have put quinoa into their mix as well. There’s a few little sprinkles of quinoa on the box for effect, but when I looked and saw none in the cereal. If there’s any quinoa actually in this cereal, it such a minuscule amount you’d be hard pressed to find a single grain.

But, back to this word they put all over the boxes of these New cereals. NOURISH. So they’re claiming that this “unique blend of favors and nutrition will NOURISH you, me, and all who partake of this product. Thus, I needed to verify that my understanding of the word “nourish” fit into the actual meaning of the word, especially as used on this product.


  1. To sustain with food or nutrient; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth.
  2. To cherish, foster, keep alive, etc.
  3. To strengthen, build up, or promote

So now that the meaning is clear, the question is clear. Does this line of “Nourish” cereals from Kellogs really live up to its promoted values? Are these cereals something that truely is beneficial, or is this play on words just a manipulative ploy to make us all believe that big companies like Kellogs are really interested in our health and well being?

Nutritional-facts1-224x300For the answer, we must look at the Nutritional Facts listed on the box.

Most of the nutritional facts I don’t have too much problem with. However, there were a few standouts, especially as one’s eyes drift further down these “facts.” First of all, I thought the sodium count was a bit on the high side per serving.

The total carb count was also higher than expected, especially in light of the box statement of “Balanced Carbs.” At only 11g, I didn’t think the sugar count was too high; not until I continued to the list of ingredients.

I always used to limit the cereals my son could choose by the sugar count. It always had to be no higher than 12g. However, in looking at the ingredient list, I began to think that at only 11g, it was way too much sugar.

Why? Sugar is the third ingredient on the list…the first time it’s listed. Item five on the list is cranberries, which had a bracket to explain the ingredients of those. Wait. Aren’t cranberries an item that is grown naturally in nature? But they’ve added sugar as the first ingredient in the list of ingredients for the cranberries.

Nutritional-facts-3-466x1024The eighth ingredient is quinoa…flour. Seriously? But the image on the box depicts pieces of quinoa. And that brings us to ingredient number 10 – corn syrup. Really? This, in the cereals that boast all over the box about being “nourishing.” Don’t be deceived. Just because it doesn’t have the word “high fructose” in front of the words “corn syrup” does not mean that it is any less hazardous to anyone’s health.

Isn’t it enough that this is a carb based meal; one that already has sugar added. Is corn syrup really necessary when record numbers of people are struggling with diabetes? Are the claims to “Nourish ” us inclusive of this type of ingredient that does more harm than good? After all, if the difference between corn syrup and ethanol, which is used in vehicles, is about 2 or 3 ingredients. How healthy can it be?

There’s already brown sugar syrup in this. It’s ingredient #16. Ingredient #18 is “Natural Flavor.” I was already wondering what “Natural Flavor ” is. After all, if it was truely natural, would they need to list it as part of the ingredient list? Obviously, it something that’s added in, under this vague terminology. Who actually knows what makes up this ingredient.

While pondering about this, I stumbled across an article about a company that produces these “Natural Flavor” ingredients. So that is a whole other can that needs to be opened and explored. What the heck is being produced by companies like this, and given the designation of “Natural Flavor”?

And apparently, from the information in that article, companies such as Kellogg’s purchase these “Natural Flavor ” ingredient to add to their products. So why don’t consumers know what this ingredient consists of? How do we even know that whatever it is, that its truly natural? Companies are so glib and manipulative in their marketing techniques. Using such a general reference would mean nothing to them.

The last and worst thing on this ingredient list is item 32; BHT, for freshness they claim. First of all, if they need to add something into their product “for freshness;” what does that tell us about the state of or quality of the product prior to this addition of “freshness”?

But what’s more horrific is what they chose to add in to provide this needed freshness to this product. BHT is known to be a cancer causing chemical; specifically causing brain cancer. Why would any company use a product like BHT; something that can cause great harm to consumers; in their product which they claim will “Nourish” everyone?

What I typically hear when I mention toxins in certain foods is, “It’s such a minuscule amount. It won’t really affect you.” I guess this is supposed to mean that a slow death by minuscule amounts of poison over time is unheard of.

All I can say with regard to this, is that anyone foolish enough to buy that, can expect a short lifespan. Don’t trust these companies just because they’ve been around, or are household names. That doesn’t mean they have our safety and health as their first priority when producing these so-called “healthy” products. They certainly have no problem utilizing manipulative wordplay in their marketing in their attempts to deceive us into purchasing their products. Read labels, and don’t be gullible.

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