Through The Looking Glass

Remember when Alice put her hand into the looking glass in the sequel to Alice in wonderland? She discovered not only a new dimension, but was able to travel through time in that dimension, profoundly affecting both that world and her own world by her forward progression during that journey.

Recently, I was watching Stephen Hawking’s movie, Genius; in which, in one segment, he teaches 3 people about time travel. The segment was fascinating because the principles of time-space were clearly explained and discovered by the three average people who were not scientists.

It reminded me of the time when my then 7 year old son explained string theory to me, after watching a pbs special on it just one time. I had to see it 2 more times before the implications and understanding took hold. Sometimes, I joke that I’m getting dotty as I age, but that is truly laughable if I’m understanding this concept the way I am.
What is even more amazing to me is that, by osmosis in examining one theory and solving it, these scientists have also brought enlightenment to an entirely different ideology and principle. They have, in essence, found the key to the fountain of youth.
Let me clarify. By definition, the fountain of youth is a place that is hidden; a place that all people profess to seek. However, just like the man lying at the pool of Bethesda, it is a place only reached by strong will and determination.
That man had found the pool, but he was unable to get his healing from it. Why? The key was, whoever got into the water first when the angel first “troubled” the water (touched it), would be healed.
In accordance to that concept, there weren’t any other limitations. When Jesus saw this man, he had been lying by that pool for 38 years. His healing came in during his interaction with Christ, but first, Jesus had to check his desire level. So he asked him, “Do you (really) want to be healed?”
The miracle of this man’s healing would not be found in some magic bottle or pill. The real question was, “Are you truly willing to do what it takes to get healed.” In other words, it requires effort on your part. You have to pursue it, and if you pursue something hard enough, eventually, it will overtake you.
This man had the answer within him all along, but his mindset was wrong. First of all, he was around a bunch of sick people all day and night as he lay by that pool waiting to be healed. His waiting was the other problem. He was putting his responsibility off on others.
When Jesus asked him that question, his answer was nothing but excuses as to why he could not receive his healing. It was the fault of everyone but himself. First he said he had no one to put him into the pool when the angel appeared. Then he claimed that because of this lack of resources, someone else always got there first before him. Apparently, he didn’t want it badly enough.
Finally, in the fortieth year, when he encountered Christ, he had suffered long enough. It took him forty years to develop enough determination to stubbornly insist that he wanted it. In other words, he finally became assertive about it, and became willing to do whatever was necessary to take back his health and to stop being a passive, pathetic, whiny victim.
He was finally ready to take action as opposed to waiting for, and relying on someone else to do it for him (like someone with a professional title, like “doctor”). The thing is, he didn’t have to lose 38 years to get healed. He could have gotten his healing much sooner if his mindset had been right. You see, he had already told Jesus the answer which he, himself had for those 38 years.
He told Jesus that when the angel troubled the water, whoever got in it first, received the healing. The key was in getting in the water itself; not how much of you got in. He was under the impression that he had to fully immerse himself in the water, but it was whoever got in. If any part of you got in the water first, you got the healing.
Technically, he could have put a finger in, and he would have been “in” the water. As long as he was the first to touch that water after the angel troubled it, he would have been healed.
The problem was in his perception of both the problem and the resolution. And because he thought of himself as helpless, he misunderstood the situation and the resolution, and subsequently became not only helpless, but hopeless as well, staying in a state of perpetual victimhood out of choice, due to his own mindset.
Instead of progressing forward by faith, he choose to come to a full stop. Life continued to progress around him, and he just laid there for 38 years! This is why Jesus had to ask him if he really wanted to be well. People become apathetic after they have stayed in a state of no progression for a long time, but it is always a matter of choice.
This is why I keep questioning this situation I see at our main library daily. All these homeless people hang around there, sleep there, and spend their time wasting away there. I can understand the ones with mental problems, but the vast majority I see out there, are there because they are simply irresponsible and are addicts of some sort who don’t want to work or have any responsibilities.
They’ve got the key to prosperity sitting right in front of them; 8 stories high, but instead of using it to help themselves, they waste time on the computers watching YouTube or vines or playing video games all day, or just sit around near the park outside waiting for some non-profit to come feed them.
They made a series of choices that led them through time to that predestined state they are in; because that is the kind of mindset they have. I have no pity for them. They chose that, and continue to choose it daily by ignoring the abundance of resources freely available, literally at “their front door.”
In the time travel demonstration, Steven Hawking’s experiment that the three average people did, showed a 3 dimensional progression of their journey, leaving from their starting point and arriving at their end point. It was a combination of where they went, when they went, and how long it took for them to arrive. The progression is not one dimensional. As you progress, you can move forward and up or down in the grid at the same time based on the three criteria of when, where, and how long. You cannot go backward in time; only forward.
A three dimensional grid could then be constructed to show their progression. The outcome was based on the choices they made on the way. Life is all about progression…movement. If you stop moving and progressing forward, you become nothing more than roadkill in your own universe, and dung collecting flies in everyone else‘s universe.
Focus on your goals and ask yourself, “How can I make this happen?” If you lack ideas and answers, read books and articles containing the information you need to go where you choose. The ideas will then formulate and you can begin your journey again in the right direction and succeed in reaching your goal.
During your efforts, you will have travelled forward through time from where you were toward the completion of your goals, and ultimately a revelation, or revolution into your new, fulfilled life. Your personal universe will have changed, and will profoundly affect the universe at large.
Alice needed a revolution in her mindset to fix the problems she faced in her world. Her journey through time in the other dimension gave her the strength and resolution in mindset that she needed to overcome the odds and recover what was lost in her own dimension.


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