Clearing Away Clutter

Sometimes the path to eradicating pain has more to do with the battleground of the mind than a physical problem. There are several barriers to overcome. Most of these barriers have to do with habits and traditions. You may not be conscious of it, but you are trained. Even your bad habits are part of your training that has gotten you into the mindset and patterns of behavior you currently have.

For instance, if you are a person who worries a lot, you are accustomed to living in fear. Either your self esteem is very low, so you worry that nothing you do will work out the way it’s supposed to in your mind; or you are so accustomed to instability, that you never expect anything more; or, you are a person who plans to fail because you fail to plan.

Yeah, that last one hit me like a stone too when I first heard it. The point is, failure to think and at least attempt to chart the course of your life’s trajectory to some degree, will cause unnecessary stress, which will result in not only pain, but health problems.

Your Emotional State Affects Your Body
This is because your emotional state not only affects your organs and systems, but every cell in your body. Part of healing your body and eliminating pain has to do with clearing the clutter in the realm of the mind first. This may mean getting rid of habits that are holding you back, and adopting new, better behaviors to replace them. It can also translate into a physical removal of clutter from your home or life, including cutting ties with individuals that suck the life from you like a leech sucks blood.

Instead of approaching this process like the fast and furious, you may need to take baby steps. If you attack the mountain with baby steps, and keep whittling away at it, eventually your viewpoint will change. You will no longer be looking up at something that seems massive, making you seem small. As you win small battles against the base of that mountain, stones are crumbling and falling.

The process of falling stones will require commitment, because they signify change. Even if you are not always consistent, if you are truly committed to your process, you will not stop. Instead, no matter how slow your progress may seem to you and others,  remember that it is your journey; and being the unique individual you are, your journey will not be like anyone else. The key is to record or keep evidence of your progress. Those milestones will keep you moving forward.

A Test Of Focus
It’s like whenever I get the urge to go on a fast, it takes me a while to actually get from the concept to the actual fast. It might be weeks of getting myself in the state of mind it takes for me to not only start the fast, but to stay consistently on it. I have to uncluttered my mind to some degree, to get there; but the rewards are worth it.

Not only can you lose some weight from this process. You can also gain great clarity. Your mind becomes so clear, and your body gets a chance to rest; particularly your digestive system. This process can be very healing, but I’ll talk more about fasting in another post.

I’ve been going through this struggle, a process that has tested my focus and commitment in several ways for most of this year. I’m sure that those of you who are gracious enough to visit my site often have noticed a lot of changes. I spent the summer in frustration, fighting with my hosting company due to technical errors that occurred as a result of two things.

Their tech’s are not familiar with a multisite, which is what my site now is. This resulted in a lot of misguided advice that ended up costing me the content of one of my sites, along with numerous other problems. This association had to go.

New Associations
I chose to try a host that was outside the country. This hosting company not only cost me less than half of what I was paying before, but included my amazing spam protection free, and tech support that is much better, gracious and capable of handling a multisite. I knew going in that there would be technical problems in the wake of my last hosting company’s disastrous advice and actions on my account.

However, what I didn’t realize immediately was how much my site had grown, now that all the sites were under one umbrella. I had my host’s largest package, and it still wasn’t big enough. Fortunately you can buy extra space in 5 GB increments.

Once the technical issues were resolved, articles needed to be removed or updated; and some articles had to be moved and reposted, especially for the site that lost all content and for adding to the new site. I’ve finally reached the point of feeling like it’s all coming together. Yes, it’s a slow progression, but I just keep pluggin’ away at it. I’m determined to keep pushing until I make that breakthrough I’m striving for.

The frustration of the summer of technical nightmares is gone. It’s time to move on to clear the next plateau or break down the next boulder in my way on the mountain. I try to live in gratitude as much as possible. So I’m thankful for the struggle because it’s building me up and making me not only more determined, but stronger. I may not move through as fast as I want; but when the time issues frustrate me, I clear away the clutter of that issue by reminding myself that, “By perseverance the snail reached the ark.” (Author Unknown)

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