Oh No! My IPad Mini Is Damaged!

My iPad Mini fell. I have two covers on it, but when it fell, the second cover, which is also a stand; was folded back, and it flipped over – glass side down, hitting the hard tile floor. The glass shattered.

Needless to say, I was quite upset over this development. My iPad Mini is like my lifeline. The last thing any of us want in this age of technology, is for our media to malfunction in some way. To some degree, its foolish if all you do is social media, but for people that use these forms of media for business purposes, it can be a huge stressor; especially if you cannot fix or replace it immediately.

Anything that causes you stress is going to affect your body, whether you are conscious of it at the time or not. My notes, thoughts, ideas, contact, communication, finances, and entertainment was within that Mini, and I would be lost without it. I could barely see past the fragmented screen, nor tap the surface due to tiny slivers and shards that grazed sharply against my fingers.

201609220721319b4b616f2668beedI needed to get it repaired, but where, and how much would it cost? I decided to check Groupon.

Finding The Right Deal


I found one deal that seemed really good, so I purchased it. Since this was my first Groupon, I got a first purchase discount, so it really lowered the price of the deal. I was elated, until I read the reviews on that company.

I learned that its best to read the reviews first, before purchasing the deal; and not just the first couple you see either. As I read the reviews, I noticed a trend that several reviewers experienced. They stated that the company was back-dooring the customers with Groupons only, charging them an additional $20 after they got to the store for adhesive glue, and thereby eliminating the discount and bringing their cost of service back up to the regular price. The old bait and switch.

I immediately contacted Groupon asking to cancel the order. Since my contact with them was initiated prior to the first three day period being up, and I had not yet opened the voucher, they gave me a credit of the full amount.

201609220722239b4b616f2668beedI then went in search of another service provider to replace the glass on my mini. The price I found that was closest to the discount of the previous company, but it was $20 more. This increase brought the price up to about what I would have paid that first company after the additional charge they were adding.

It’s A Matter Of Principle

How can someone claim to offer a service like glass replacement service at a certain discount, but then not include all the elements required in parts and labor to fulfill and complete the advertised service they offered at that price? And…$20 for glue? Seriously?

I’d rather just outright pay a bit more, than deal with a company that’s making unscrupulous attempts to bait me with one price, then force or manipulate me into a higher one after the fact.

The company I went with is Wireless Proz. The location I visited was in Tamarac, Florida. The first problem I encountered was the address. It is correct, but you will get confused if you are coming from the east side up McNab Rd,  because the numbering for the addresses are from the 70’s through the 80’s twice. It’s like it goes westward from 72nd-81st and stops, then starts again at 74th-80th which is University Drive, the closest major intersection to the west of their location. Its quite confusing so your best bet is to follow the MapQuest and come from University Drive for less confusion.

As for the service, I dropped off my iPad at about 12pm at the shop on  that Thursday. I spoke to Nate, who said it would be ready the following morning at 10am.

Considering storms hovering offshore that Friday, a forecast of rain, and lack of a ride; I set out early via 3 buses, and arrived there an hour later at 9:45; hoping to pick up my iPad and get going before any torrential downpours started. The sign on the door said 10am -7pm M-F. However, no one arrived to open the shop until 10:23am.

One thing that annoys me is when a business fails to open at the time posted. I know stuff happens, but when you have a time posted, there’s an expectation for you to not simply get there just at that time, but earlier; at a minimum, 15 minutes, or however long it takes for you to have you business set up and ready to serve your customers. It’s a matter of respecting your customer’s time, and preventing the aggravation of having to leave and return later.

When Matt arrived at 10:23, I told him that I was there to pick up my mini. He said it wasn’t ready yet. I told him that when I dropped it off, Nate said it would be ready at 10am the next day. I also explained that I had to take 3 buses to get there, and had been waiting for him to arrive since 9:45am.

He said he needed a bit more time for the adhesive to dry, another 30 minutes. So I sat on one of the couches in the store and waited.

After 30 minutes, he told me that the glass was not fully functional and that he needed to order another one to replace it. He said he felt bad that I had been so put out coming there and having to make a return trip.

Say What?

He asked how he could make it up to me, which is almost unheard of these days; when customer service has been thrown out the window, and replaced with virtual sources or outsourced assistance with language issues. So I asked him about a cover I saw on his display wall. This cover had a piece that covered the frame and front edge of the glass, which is why I was interested. He said he didn’t have those for my mini.

What he did have was a used cover that was similar. He said the only problem was that it covered my touch sensor. I told him that I needed the touch sensor because I did not like typing in my code in public.

I also explained that I already had two covers for the mini, and they protected it if closed. If the 2nd cover was folded back, and it flipped face side down, that was where protection was lacking.

Matt then offered to make up for my inconvenience by not only having it fixed by the following day, but by adding tempered glass on it free of charge to protect the glass on the mini in case it gets dropped in the future. I agreed after he explained the function of the tempered glass; and told me the regular price when I inquired, which was $35.

One of the big stressors of this age of technology is frustration from poor customer service. Frustration and anger is a major player in the emotional causes of pain in the body. Not many businesses these days actually give great service, making up for their errors or inconvenience to the customer. I’m very satisfied because this one did.

When I picked up my mini, Nate was there. He verified the offer with Matt, who had gone to pick up supplies. He added the tempered glass with no charge, and I sat in the store a while and tested it. It works perfectly.

Please note that this was an unsolicited review.

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